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PRINCE GEORGE Tapestry Singers is a performance group that strives toward a high level of artistic excellence in choral performance along with personal and social growth. Their community is diverse and inclusive; all are affirmed. The mission of Tapestry Singers is to create a joyful and beautiful sound, to strive for choral excellence, and to foster a life-long love of music and music making. The 2021-2022 choral season marked Tapestry Singer's 15th Anniversary.

The JUNIOR component of Tapestry Singers include singers in Grade 4-7. The 2022-2023 choral season will be a milestone: their 10th season. Although the JUNIOR singers do not travel beyond Prince George, they certainly travel to many places within Prince George.

In May 2019, they received Honorable Mention at Performing Arts B.C. and in 2015, 2016, 2018, and 2020, were Provincial Delegates at Performing Arts B.C.

JUNIOR Singers are not auditioned, but do attend a Voice Placement so that the director can listen to their voices and determine best placement. And like the SENIOR Singers, Parent/Singer Conversations ensure that Tapestry is a good fit for both the families and the director.

The Prince George Chateau

Christmas Concert and Carol Sing a long

They are regular performers at…..

Laurier Manor

Christmas Concert and Carol Sing a long

PG Spruce King’s Hockey Games

“O Canada”

PG and District Music Festival

Honorable Mention (2019)


SD #57’s Choral Festival

They have performed at the….

Prince George Symphony Orchestra

“Carmena Burana” Concert


Laurier Manor

Christmas Concert

The Prince George Chateau

Christmas Concert

Our Tapestry community is supported by parents, foster parents, guardians, grand-parents, musicians, dancers, artists, and friends. 

Their skills, commitment, encouragement, and love help our singers to thrive.

Recently, they have collaborated with local artists and choirs...

"I am a Salmon"

Kym Gouchie & Ships2Shores

January 2022

Christmas Choir Crawl

Nove Voce & Cantora Allegre

December 2021 

Creepy Halloween Crawl

Nove Voce & Cantora Allegre

October 2021 

"I Am a Salmon" - Recording with Kym Gouchie & Broad Reach Canada

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